Jeans Shop Owner Offers Tips For FIt — And Business

By Frank Witsil
Detroit Free Press

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr)  This story takes A nice look at a successful family boutique with women as leaders in businessAriana Carps was in elementary school when she began folding jeans for pocket change at the family boutique “Rear Ends”.  By the time she was 14 she was “officially”on the payroll and three years ago, she became an equity partner. We love to see young women groomed to take the lead!

Detroit Free Press

Ariana Carps, whose parents started a store with a funny name, Rear Ends — aims to expand the family enterprise as she gradually takes more ownership of it and considers outfitting it for a digital age.

Mark and Elaine Blumenfeld started the business — now two shops, one in West Bloomfield and one in Bloomfield Hills — before Carpi, 31, was born.

It sells jeans (as the name might suggest) and other casual and fashionable clothing to girls and women.

“We always say they start at 12 and end at about 85,” Carps said. “I just helped a woman get a pair of jeans on her 80th birthday. We sell to fit women who really care about their appearance, who want nice things, who want to be put together no matter what they are doing.”

But Carps said working in the business is really the only job she’s ever had — or wanted.

She started working at the shop when she was in elementary school: He parents would give her 50 cents for each stack of jeans she folded. She’d take that money and buy candy. At 14, they put her on the payroll. Over the years, she’s taken on increasing responsibility. Three years ago, she became an equity partner.

In an edited conversation, Carps talked about what it takes to run a successful business in a digital age — and offered tips on how to find the best fitting jeans and how to care for them.

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