Jewelry Designer Rachel Mulherin Could Be Baltimore’s Next Big Name In Fashion

By John-John Williams IV
The Baltimore Sun

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) A budding Baltimore jewelry designer is making a name for herself with her unique designs which use gorgeous chunks of semiprecious stones. Rachel Mulherin is still holding down her day job at an accounting firm as she grows the business but that may not be for long!


Her jewelry has been requested by the likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Her designs are featured in fashion glossies and are stocked in boutiques throughout the region. And her online store and Instagram page are drawing new customers each day.

Rachel Mulherin’s use of rough slivers and chunks of semiprecious stones in her collections has earned her a following that has her poised to be Maryland’s next big designer.

What’s more impressive is that Mulherin, 29, produces all the jewelry herself from the second bedroom of her Federal Hill apartment, which she has turned into a design studio.

She also has been building her empire while maintaining a full-time job in marketing for an accounting firm. It can be a grueling schedule.

“There’s not a lot of sleep,” said Mulherin. “I’ve got some fine lines and bags under my eyes.”

But she shows no signs of slowing down.

“The holiday collection was crazy. I couldn’t even breathe. It was wonderful and insane,” she said. “After January 1, the demand usually drops off. But it hasn’t dropped off.”

Mulherin knows that the long days and sacrifices are worth it. She has followed the work of some of Maryland’s most successful designers and retailers, Christian Siriano, Danielle DiFerdinando and South Moon Under, and she wants to follow their paths.

“I read a lot about what other designers have done,” she said. “You make 8,500 mistakes, and you don’t stop. You get stronger every time.”

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