Lauren McGoodwin Couldn’t Find A Good Women’s Career-Promoting Business, So She Built One Herself

By Ronald D. White
Los Angeles Times

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Lauren McGoodwin says she started “Career Contessa” in 2013 on her own after trying and failing to find a co-founder, and quickly learned that it takes a lot to run a business.

Los Angeles Times

Lauren McGoodwin, 31, is the founder and chief executive of Career Contessa, an online platform designed to help women search for the best job opportunities and perform at a higher level when they get them.

McGoodwin is also in the process of launching the Salary Project, an online database of pay ranges by job type and seniority level designed to help women determine what they could or should be earning.

With 12 employees, Career Contessa “now helps over 1 million women navigate their careers each year,” McGoodwin said.
Starting out
After getting a degree in business from the University of Oregon , McGoodwin worked as an event coordinator for Oregon Sports Authority in 2009 and then as an admissions counselor at USC in 2010. But neither job interested her much.

“I was really sort of obsessed with figuring out what career I wanted,” McGoodwin said.

An idea is born
One day, she was asked to help recruit students for USC’s dental hygiene program. It was, she recalled, “the most fun I had had the whole time I was at the job.”

In particular, she enjoyed speaking with other recruiters about what their jobs were like and how important it is to get people onto the correct career path early.

“This was really the catalyst into my obsession around what is recruiting, what companies use recruiters, what types of recruiters exist, what are the skills needed,” she said.

A spark of an idea flickered, but it would be three years before she would ultimately take the leap and start her own business.

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