Love Of Animals Creates A Business Idea

By Greg Olson
Jacksonville Journal-Courier, Ill.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Two Jacksonville women with a love for dogs have opened “Barks ‘n’ Biscuits.” They say their dog grooming and training business provides a cage-free, force-free and positive reinforcement atmosphere.

Jacksonville Journal-Courier, Ill.

A lifelong love of animals has led two Jacksonville women to open a dog training and grooming business.

Mackenzie Elmore Chism and Dee Goings co-own and co-operate Barks ‘n’ Biscuits at 704 N. Main St., the former location of Jacksonville Foods.

“The first dog I ever owned was a German shepherd,” Chism said. “He was unwanted and unloved by the world. I took him and showed him what true love, understanding and compassion are. I truly got down to his level and tried to understand the world from his perspective. I’ve always been interested in the psyche and behavioral aspects of dog training.”

Chism was a patrolman and Drug Abuse Resistance Education [DARE] officer for several years in Missouri and Illinois.

“As a patrolman, I took a plethora of animal control and stray livestock calls,” Chism said. “I’ve always loved working with all types of animals, but especially dogs.”

Chism met Goings during a dog case that Goings was handling.

“I knew that Mackenzie was the only person who could handle this aggressive dog,” Goings said. “Mackenzie and I have clicked ever since and decided about a year ago to open a dog training business together.”

Goings holds several certificates from professional dog training organizations and previously ran a “doggie day care” in Jacksonville.

“I love to take a dog who is completely out of sorts and watch them learn to be a dog,” Goings said. “One of the most magical things in the world is watching the light come back into a dog’s eyes.”

In addition to operating Barks ‘n’ Biscuits, Chism and Goings also run Relentless Animal Rescue, a not-for-profit Jacksonville organization they helped found in 2016.

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