I Love Local Spreads Knoxville ‘Charm’

By Cortney Roark
The Knoxville News-Sentinel, Tenn.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Great Q&A with Annette Sydes and Alison Cunningham, founders of “I Love Local” a Knoxville-based company that utilizes social media for spotlighting locally owned businesses.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, Tenn.

Q: What is I Love Local?

A: I Love Local is a Knoxville-based company that utilizes social media for spotlighting locally owned businesses. We love all things local and are passionate about preserving Knoxville’s unique charm. We are not a traditional in-house marketing team; rather, we use our ever-growing social media platforms to showcase local businesses and increase local brand awareness. Our social media platforms connect local businesses with the local community, who are also passionate about keeping all things local.

Q: How did the company start?

A: I am a local realtor, and am long-time friends with Alison Cunningham, a local lifestyle photographer. We had lunch almost two years ago to discuss how we could better promote our respective businesses. After researching our options, we were unable to find an avenue that met our needs. This was our “Aha!” moment. We discovered a need, did some brainstorming, and I Love Local was born.

Q: What has made I Love Local successful to this point?

A: The growing desire of the local community to learn about and support local businesses. As a community member, you get to know the business owners and connect to their passions for why they started their business. It also feels good to support the people you see in your neighborhood, because you know that they are invested in the same community you live in.

In return, our clients (the local businesses) are extremely pleased with the exposure and feedback they are receiving from teaming up with I Love Local.

Q: What sets the company apart from others in your field?

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