Maggie Weaver, 16, Booked Solid With Baking Orders Through July

By Nancy Molnar
The Times-Reporter, New Philadelphia, Ohio

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) 16 year old Maggie Weaver has created a recipe for success. Her baking business is booming as the orders keep flowing into “Sweets by Mags.”


High school sophomore Maggie Weaver has a growing business that many entrepreneurs would envy. Her production schedule is full through July.

The 16-year-old makes custom-decorated cookies, cakes, cupcakes and Oreo pops. To make Oreo pops, she splits the sandwich cookies, and adds melted chocolate to the center to hold the stick. The reassembled cookie-on-a-stick gets a chocolate coating and decorative icing. She has made two wedding cakes.

Maggie started the service after she made WJER-themed cookie pops for cousin Zac Kopp to share with his coworkers as he ended his internship at the radio station in the summer of 2016.

“They wanted to know if I had a Facebook page, and I didn’t at the time. So I told them yes. And then I came home and made the Facebook page in 20 minutes, real fast. And it has blown up ever since,” Maggie said.

Orders are placed through her Facebook page, Sweets by Mags.

Maggie, a New Philadelphia High School student, has a busy schedule that includes volleyball, tennis, art and music.

“Most of my orders are normally on the weekends, because people don’t normally order stuff during the week,” Maggie said. “Whenever I don’t have time, my mom normally does the baking, and then I’ll come in with the decorating. I normally do the baking and everything during the summer. During the school year, I just don’t have time. I normally just come home, do my homework and baking.”

Lisa Weaver said her daughter has “hundreds and hundreds” of cookie cutters in various shapes.

“She’s not limited by the cutter,” Lisa said. “She made Neil Diamond cookies.”

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