Marijuana Sellers Pay Prime Rents For Warehouse And Storefront Space

By Roger Vincent
Los Angeles Times

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Realtor Stephanie Smith says she learned about the demand for marijuana-related business space in 2009 when she bought a former Los Angeles pawn shop that she decided to turn into a laundromat by upgrading the water, gas and power hookups. Smith advertised the renovated building on Craigslist and got a quick response from a would-be tenant offering double her asking rent if he could use it for growing marijuana. Then another grower offered triple the asking rent.

Los Angeles Times

Growing up in Minnesota, Stephanie Smith dreamed of being a golf pro. Instead, the mother of five who lives in Pacific Palisades has ended up in the unlikeliest of trades.

She claims to be one of the largest marijuana-industry landlords in the state in a business that is growing chaotically as cities begin to allow recreational cannabis sales after passage of Proposition 64 two years ago.

And though it’s been plenty lucrative for her, the murky legal status of the cannabis industry has led to a police search of her home and to some unflattering news coverage, including a headline that painted her as a drug lord.

“Cannabis is not illegal,” said Smith, who is not shy about what she does. “There is no such thing as a cannabis drug lord.”

But she does control nearly 2 million square feet of industrial property, mostly in Southern California. Not all of it is rented to the cannabis trade, one of her tenants is Walmart, but she found that cannabis growers can be desirable tenants willing to pay top-dollar rents.

That’s because there’s a race on among formerly underground growers and new entrepreneurs angling to become rich supplying legal marijuana to Californians.

Some are looking for prime storefronts to open often upscale retail shops, or in rare cases bars where patrons can indulge in cannabis on the property.

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