Marin Matchmaking Firm Targets Niche Market: Wealthy Single Men

By Paul Liberatore
The Marin Independent Journal, Novato, Calif.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) 34 year old Megan Buquen sees herself defining the role of the matchmaker. Buquen says, “This is kind of my calling…It’s my passion, really. No matter how sophisticated algorithms become, they will never replace the human element.”

The Marin Independent Journal, Novato, Calif.

How many single, well-to-do men in Marin County, Silicon Valley and other wealthy Bay Area enclaves would pay $15,000 or more for the chance to meet the woman of their dreams?

Quite a few, according to Executive Matchmakers, a new Marin-based firm that is believed to be the first and only match-making service exclusively for men of means.

“Our memberships start at $15,000 and go up from there,” says Megan Buquen, the company’s 34-year-old vice president. “We have a huge waiting list.”

In business less than a year, the company is mining a rich vein of Northern California professional men — CEOs, doctors, lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs. Most live in Marin County.

“But we’ve got a ton of techies in Silicon Valley,” Buquen says. “It’s unbelievable the demand down there.”

A typical client is too busy for traditional online dating and is willing to pay Buquen and her staff to find a single woman who’s right for him in the company’s “Proprietary Black Book,” a database with a growing number of what the firm describes as “the most beautiful, eligible and desirable single women in Northern California.”

“The men we work with are looking for a committed relationship,” Buquen says. “They aren’t looking for a woman who’s 30 years younger or for one-night stands. A lot of men who come to us are worried about gold diggers, and we’re very good at making sure our women are not after their money. Our women are well educated, self-sufficient, and have as much going for them as the men. We’re matching men with their equals, and they love that.”

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