Mobile Boutique Features Boho Styles

By James Kukstis
Wicked Local South/Mariner, Marshfield, Mass.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Fashion truck entrepreneur Kim Mallios says that after going through a divorce she felt the need to strike out on her own with a unique boutique.

Wicked Local South/Mariner, Marshfield, Mass.

Marshfield resident Kim Mallios has worked in a number of industries over the years, but her current business hits closest to home, even if it travels all over.

Bohemian Babe-Boho to Go, founded last year, is a mobile boutique featuring fashions for women of all ages.

After going through a divorce, Mallios felt the need to strike out on her own, and the inspiration for her truck came from her lifelong interest in fashion and time she and her ex-husband spent living in Greece.

“We had move to Greece for a couple years, and I remember seeing these open air markets and people selling wares out of their trucks,” she said. “I was fascinated.”

Back in the states, Mallios noticed that this type of business was not limited to overseas.

“When I wanted to open a boutique, I actually saw several other trucks in the area, and I thought it was really cool,” she said. “They bring the level up, so I thought instead of opening a store and being stuck in one spot and waiting for people to come to me, why not bring the business to the customer?”

Mallios purchased a 20-foot RV and turned it into a mobile boutique, complete with clothing and jewelry racks, merchandise storage space and a changing room, that she drives to breweries, festivals, fairs, restaurants, gyms, beaches and private functions to set up as a pop-up shop.

“People like it,” Mallios said. “They come and think it’s fun.”

When set up, customers shop inside and outside the truck, with clothing racks placed outside for browsing. Mallios regularly sets up shop at Union Point in Weymouth and can often be found on the Brant Rock Esplanade.

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