Moms Create Community on Facebook

By Gina Duwe
The Janesville Gazette, Wis.

The Facebook posts run the gamut on a daily basis.

One mother has a set of eight “first words” books for $5 while another looks for a place to buy onesies in bulk. One post offers a discount code for sales at a kids’ clothing store.

Another woman wants to become a stay-at-home mom and is looking for a few kids to watch. One mom posts a picture of her daughter’s rash, seeking input on what it might be.

After getting back into an exercise routine, a nursing mother seeks tips on increasing her milk supply. Other moms look for tips on doing their taxes or how to organize thousands of baby pictures on their computers.

With the Internet at peoples’ fingertips nearly 24/7, area moms have turned to local Facebook groups for year-round rummage sale shopping and for sharing parenting tips from pregnancy to breastfeeding, meal planning, exercise plans and entertainment activities. The community they’ve created has offered deals, income, support, advice, encouragement and friendships for thousands of moms.

Moms know best

Janesville teacher Ashley Ranum had questions about being a new mom after having her first daughter, Ariana, in March 2011.

That led her to create her “Mom to Mom” advice group.

“I wanted to be able to ask people questions without blowing up their news feed,” she said.

She also didn’t want to become “that mom” who was over-sharing the excitement of parenthood.

“Nobody else wants to know if my daughter is having green poop,” she said.

Ranum remembers the first question she posted: “Where do I find socks that won’t fall off my baby’s feet?”

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and illness questions often dominate the conversation.

“I swear there’s a new picture of a rash every other day,” she said.

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