Mother Makes Soap From Breast Milk As ‘Liquid Gold’ For Healing

By Nicole Brochu
Sun Sentinel.


Convinced of breast milk’s healing powers, one South Florida mom isn’t just feeding her baby with it. She’s been using this so-called “liquid gold” to make organic soap for the whole family.

Now, Paula D’Amore is selling the bars, custom-made from each customer’s own expressed milk.

Launched in January from the kitchen of her Greenacres, Fla., home, Liquid Gold Soaps is a labor of love, D’Amore said, born from a desire to give other breast-feeding moms natur al solutions to everything from cradle cap in infants to acne in adults.

“Breast milk has many, many healing properties: [It] softens the skin, helps control oil, reduces redness, helps to treat acne, rashes. I mean the list goes on and on,” D’Amore, 29, says on her Liquid Gold Soaps Facebook page. “So [by] putting it in [an] organic soap base, I am creating a soothing soap that the entire family can use.”

Cooked up on low-to-medium heat and mixed with ingredients like coconut oil, therapeutic-grade essential oils, glycerin, purified water, organic honey, soybean protein and, for the exfoliate variety, oatmeal, each bar of soap lasts for up to 34 uses, D’Amore said.

With 5 ounces of breast milk, she makes three bars that sell for $15. Likewise, 10 ounces can produce six bars for $30.

“I think it’s great,” said Vanessa Hernandez, a Lake Worth, Fla., mom of four who has used Liquid Gold Soaps on the “really bad eczema” plaguing her 8-month-old daughter. “It’s the only thing that helps her. I used all of the creams the doctor recommended, and I didn’t see much of a relief.”

Hernandez was so impressed that she’s now using the soap on her face for the occasional breakout.

“It’s not a cure-all,” she said. “I do see blackheads, but I don’t break out as badly, and I don’t feel like it dries my skin out like other soaps.”

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