MTV Bets On Bawdy Women: The Network Sings A New Tune With A Pair Of Female-Fronted Comedy Shows.

By Meredith Blake
Los Angeles Times

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Two female fronted comedies are front and center on MTV’s programming this Fall. Meredith Blake of the LA Times takes a look at what we can expect from the new shows “Mary + Jane” and “Loosely Exactly Nicole.”

Los Angeles Times

Over the course of its 35-year history, MTV has gone through nearly as many makeovers as Madonna. In its latest incarnation, the network formerly known as Music Television is betting that the future is female with two bawdy comedies, “Mary + Jane” and “Loosely Exactly Nicole,” about young women chasing their dreams in the big city.

The more successful of the two, “Mary + Jane,” follows two twentysomething best friends selling pot, excuse me, operating a “mostly legal prescription delivery service”, out of the Eastside Los Angeles apartment they share with a pet chihuahua named Daniel Day-Lewis.

Contrary to what you might expect, their names are not Mary and Jane but, rather, Jordan (Scout Durwood) and Paige (Jessica Rothe). The former is a polyamorous, libertine brunette who believes that random sex cures everything, “headaches, period cramps, Lyme disease.”

The latter is a sensitive blond who gave up her lifestyle blog to become a “ganja-preneur” and is heartbroken by her recent breakup with a graffiti artist/celebrity DJ known as Softserve.

In between deliveries of bud with punny names like “Kylo Ren Faire,” they partake of such time-honored hipster customs as queuing up for artisanal toast and $15 juice served in baby bottles.

Created by “Can’t Hardly Wait” screenwriters Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan and executive produced by Snopp Dogg, “Mary + Jane” seems like a rather deliberate hybrid of “Broad City,” Comedy Central’s hit about two weed-loving best friends, and “High Maintenance,” the Web series turned HBO comedy about a pot delivery service.

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