Nail Salon Wouldn’t Give Woman A Manicure. So A Walmart Cashier Offered A Helping Hand

By Lisa Gutierrez
The Kansas City Star

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) When Walmart employee Ebony Harris saw that a nail salon turned a woman away because she has cerebral palsy, Harris stepped in and literally took matters into her own hands.

The Kansas City Star

She wanted a manicure, a coat of pretty polish on her nails.

So Angela Peters stopped into the independently-owned nail salon inside the Walmart where she shops in Burton, Michigan.

“When I went in there they denied me because they said I moved too much,” Peters told WNEM in Bay City, Michigan.
Peters has cerebral palsy. She uses a wheelchair and yes, her hands have a mind of their own.

Cerebral palsy does that to a body. It is a movement disorder that, according to the Mayo Clinic, can cause abnormal reflexes and involuntary movements, floppy or rigid limbs.

Ebony Harris, a cashier at that Walmart, was working the day the salon turned Peters away, she told ABC 12 in Flint, Michigan. Harris knows Peters as a frequent shopper she has spoken to frequently. She’s helped her shop a couple of times, too.

“She’s such a joy, she’s a sweetheart. She has a humble heart,” Harris told Cars 108 radio station in Flint, Michigan.

Harris saw that Peters was upset and asked if she could do her nails for her.

“And she just started smiling and said, ‘yeah,’ ” Harris told WNEM.

So Peters bought a bottle of polish and Harris set up a makeshift manicure station at one of the tables in the in-store Subway.

“I thought that was so nice of her and I already felt comfortable with her because, like I said, I shop at Walmart a lot,” Peters told ABC 12.

Tasia Smith, who works at that Subway, saw the women and took a couple of pictures. She posted them on her Facebook page where they have been shared more than 3,000 times since July 30.

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