Nature With A Dose Of Love Is Best Medicine

By Joy Hampton
The Norman Transcript, Okla.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Meet entrepreneur Jade Arellano, founder of “Prairie Bloom Botanicals.” Arellano creates herbal infusions for body care that are safe for moms and babies.

The Norman Transcript, Okla.

While Norman entrepreneur Jade Arellano spent part of her childhood in Oklahoma, she was born in the Tucson desert where she learned about botanicals from her mother.

“I remember as a child in the White Mountains when we lived in Arizona, my mom always had flower and vegetable gardens out back,” Arellano said. “Those are some of my earliest memories — helping her plant and harvest. I’ve always been very drawn to botanicals and herbs.”

At the Norman studio where she creates herbal infusions for her body care business, Prairie Bloom Botanicals, botanical pictures inherited from her maternal grandmother hang near her workbench as a reminder of her roots.

She conceived the products that would grow into Prairie Bloom’s Mother + Child line when she was pregnant.

“When I started making stuff for myself, I was pregnant with my son, and everything that I found had a lot of essential oils or non-organic oils, and everything that I found that I wanted was out of my price range,” Arellano said. “Essential oils are super-popular right now, and they certainly have wonderful therapeutic values, but because they are so concentrated, it wasn’t something I wanted to use during pregnancy or on my son when he was an infant.”

The Mother + Child line can be used safely through the pre-and postnatal periods because it includes only organic food grade butters and herbal infused cold pressed, organic oils.

“You can get the same therapeutic value from herbs that are infused into cold-pressed oil, but at a much safer level,” Arellano said. “The nipple soother, the booty balm and the belly butter are all very popular. The belly butter is probably my most popular mother and child product, and the nipple soother is really popular because you don’t have to wash after using the nipple soother before nursing your baby.”

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