Nature Of Nutrition

By Kella Rodiek
The Daily Republic, Mitchell, S.D.

Mitchell native Teri Rose believes in the power of prevention.

Rose, a master of science and licensed nutritionist, knows the importance of eating with perspective and purpose. And she believes in the power of produce.

Her Minneapolis-based business, Perfectly Produce, was born of these beliefs, and it has become the platform by which she lives out her passion. Through an intense dedication to health and well-being, Rose has developed a weight loss program and nutrition service that she hopes will revolutionize modern health care.

She was recently featured on the cover of HERLIFE magazine and was named by Minnesota Monthly magazine as Best Nutritionist in the Twin Cities in 2011, only a year after starting her business.

Despite her notable success, Rose says her heart has never left Mitchell. She explained that the community was critical to her career, and that the style of her upbringing continues to directly influence her work day after day.

‘Preventative power’
Rose, a 1990 graduate of Mitchell High School, recalls a “forced frugality” that was simply the norm during her childhood.

“A lot of our parents were second-generation immigrants and they did things — the right things — because it was frugal and wise at the time, rather than basing actions off of what’s trendy,” she said. “And I’m really proud that I was exposed to that type of mentality where you just did the basics.”

She connected this to a grad school assignment while attending Bastyr University in Seattle, where students were asked to share childhood home remedies. Upon asking her mother, Carol Smith, for examples, Rose discovered very few remedies were needed.

“I didn’t recall taking medicine, and I never really got sick,” Rose said, “But I’ve learned today about the preventative power that was in my mother’s everyday home cooked meals.”

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  1. Doreen
    Mar 21, 2015 - 12:06 AM

    I enjoy reading this article because I am trying to start a similar business. I am a train Health Coach. I want to work with families to help them change their lifestyles and live healthier lives.

    • WWR Editor
      Apr 09, 2015 - 08:39 PM

      Thank you for reading the article. Health Coach? What a great career. I hope you found the article helpful. Best of luck to you. Allison


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