Naughty But Nice Kettlecorn Takes Off In The Magic City

By Tara Massouleh
Alabama Media Group, Birmingham

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Two longtime besties have launched a kettlecorn business in Birmingham. They’ve had some help getting their business off the ground with the assistance of “REV Birmingham”, an economic development organization that is focused on stimulating business growth in the region.

Alabama Media Group, Birmingham

Naughty But Nice owners Tanesha Sims-Summers and Tiffany Turner are no strangers to doing business together.

The women took on their first venture as girls growing up in Birmingham, where they did what all good entrepreneurs do–they saw a demand and provided the supply.

Twenty years later, the pair is at it again, only this time it’s another nostalgic treat they’re pedaling.

Birmingham Magazine: Tell us a little about how you got the business started and what inspired you to make kettlecorn.

Tanesha Sims-Summer: We’ve always had a passion and a drive for entrepreneurship. We used to sell popsicles as kids on 10th Avenue West near Legion Field where they played the Alabama and Auburn games. So from there we always knew we wanted to do some type of business. We graduated high school, went to college, worked in corporate America, and then we were presented with the idea [for kettlecorn] from someone who does something similar in Virginia. So me and Tiffany discussed it and we were like “Wow that would be cool. There’s nothing like that here. Let’s capitalize on that opportunity.”

BM: So once you decided to do the business, what were your next steps?

TSS: Our first step was to test the market. We did a lot of research online trying to figure out who was our local competition and who was our statewide competition. From there, we did a lot of taste testing. We went to a lot of physical locations whenever we traveled throughout the Southeast, as well as to our local Wal-Marts and Targets, looking at the product of kettlecorn itself, and trying to find out ways that we could enter the market and offer something with a slight twist to it.

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