Who Needs A Roadie? New Service Wants To Become Uber Of Shipping

By Terry Box
The Dallas Morning News

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Meet “Roadie”, an app-based service that’s striving to become the Uber for packages. “Roadie” lets people seek drivers headed to destinations where they need a package shipped. Drivers sign up with the app, and when a gig gets posted that’s on their way to some destination, they can take it. Roadie charges $12 to $500 or so, depending on the object being shipped and the distance. Drivers get 80 percent of the fees.

The Dallas Morning News

In the next few weeks, Milton Green hopes to have some company on his regular drive to Houston — like maybe a giant birdcage.

Green, a self-employed Irving courier, recently also became a driver for Roadie, an app-based service that’s striving to become the Uber for packages.

In the last few months, Green has done three jobs for Roadie — which it calls gigs — and he hopes to pick up a bunch more as the nationwide service expands.

“Once it gets more established, I think there will be gigs popping up all over the area,” said Green, 39. “People here have things to ship, and I think I can make a decent living.”

Founded 18 months ago in Atlanta, Roadie sprang to life after founder Marc Gorlin struggled to get a box of tile delivered to his condo in Florida.

The tile got delayed in Birmingham, and Gorlin couldn’t find a company willing to quickly pick it up and deliver it.

Consequently, Gorlin, who describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, began pondering alternatives.

“I look left and see all these cars on the interstate and I look right and see the same thing, and I thought surely someone is headed to Florida,” he said. “And that’s when it hit me: Someone is going somewhere all the time.”

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