New Show Focuses On A Quest For ‘Inner Peace’

By Megan Bennett
Albuquerque Journal, N.M.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Analesa Berg’s one woman show called “The 23rd Letter” shares her quest to find peace after the dissolution of her long-time marriage.


It was in Santa Fe where Analesa Berg had an “aha” moment that dramatically changed her life, and it’s where she’ll return to tell her story in her upcoming one-woman show.

Berg’s “The 23rd Letter,” opening tonight, tells the story of her life after she decided to file for divorce 30 years into her marriage and how she searched to find the peace she desired.

Her tale involves dreams, hearing from God, learning the Hebrew alphabet, mystical teachings and turning to art.

“I really hope people say, ‘If she can go out and do one of these things, I can go out and be more courageous or go out and find my own inner peace,'” said Berg. “I want people to be inspired to live their lives more courageously, peacefully and spiritually.”

It wasn’t Berg’s history with Santa Fe that led her to have the show here and not in her hometown of West Orange, N.J.

It was experience with local personal storytelling coach Tanya Taylor Rubenstein, who Berg hired to help mold the story and script, that brought her back.

Rubenstein said they began working together a year ago after Berg, who describes herself online as a “spiritual counselor and transformational artist,” decided she wanted to tell her story through a one-woman show.

Rubenstein believes people will relate to and appreciate Berg’s feminist perspective about a “patriarchal” religion. “It’s a woman’s story of awakening,” said Rubenstein. “It’s a story of a woman who has struggled, shed some old skin, and steps into a more creative and inspiring place … . I think that will speak to a broad range of women.”

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