New Year Offers New Opportunities For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

By Camri Nelson
The Lima News, Ohio

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) From time management to networking, several Ohio entrepreneurs share their best advice for launching a successful business.


The New Year is full of new beginnings, a prime time for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

For those people, there are six essential steps to planning a business, according to six local seasoned business owners and professionals.

The biggest advice these professionals have for entrepreneurs is to do their research, network, find employees, examine expenses, plan time efficiently and create a marketing plan.

Rochelle Vallee, owner of Rovals Antiques in Wapakoneta, said that entrepreneurs confirm that the product that they are looking to sell is what people in that particular demographic want or need.

“You don’t want to go ahead with a bookstore knowing everyone does digital,” she said. “Make sure that you’re store is unique and it stands out above the rest.”

Programs through the Chamber of Commerce and Rhode State College are also available to entrepreneurs hoping to get started on research. Rhode State College’s Small Business Development Center is an organization that helps potential start with the initial steps. The center’s website provides packets of information on how to get a business started in Ohio.

The next suggestion for entrepreneurs is to network with other small business owners or professionals that can help guide them. One way to network is by going to local small businesses and talk to owners about your business plans, according to Vallee.

“If they see that she’s going to want to set up a boutique just like they have, they may not give you any information,” she said. “But if she explains to them she’s only aiding and that they can work together, they may be more open.”

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