No Batteries Required: These Entrepreneurs Are Banking On A Market For No-Tech Fun

By Diane Mastrull
The Philadelphia Inquirer

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Last year, during a Fourth of July party in New York, someone suggested to the Collier sisters that they should start a company and sell their customized board games. So,THEY DID IT!

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Who launches businesses in this tech-obsessed society with products intended to entertain that don’t require a watt of electricity or a blip of Wi-Fi?

At Bundle LLC, the answer is two sisters raised in a game-crazy house in upstate Pennsylvania who, as adults, want to help create for others that “environment for authentic conversations and laughs” through board games, said Cassie Collier, cofounder and CEO. (Her older sister, Jacklyn, is COO.)

At Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club LLC, the answer is a father in Bucks County, who, with his wife and two grown children, want to feed youths’ fascination with enormous reptiles, and getting packages in the mail.

Curious to learn what prompted their foray into entrepreneurship in such a no-tech way, I spent time with their principals, asking lots of questions, and recording the answers the old-fashioned way: with pen on paper.

In the Collier household in Mount Carmel, Northumberland County, games were as beloved as the coal-region pizza Cassie, 31, and Jacklyn, 33, swear is better than New York pies.

“It’s a simple life,” Jacklyn, said of her hometown, where her father, Jack, worked in quality control at a plastics company and her mother, Millie, in mental health, and the closest movie theater required a 45-minute drive. “We created our own fun. It was part of our DNA.”

Poker was their father’s specialty. When he wasn’t dealing cards at the Collier kitchen table, he was playing for the house at the local VFW. “Bucks for Bonding” was their mother’s invention, a clever way of inspiring sibling collaboration by giving them a task to do together and rewarding it with cash.

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