Your Office Coach: Trouble In The Family Business

By Marie G. McIntyre
Tribune News Service

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Marie G. McIntyre is a workplace coach and the author of “Secrets to Winning at Office Politics.” In this Q&A she takes on how to handle conflicts within a family business.


Q: My sister and I work with our mother and father in a successful family business. Although outsiders view us as an exemplary professional family, the reality is that we are in constant conflict. Sis and I often disagree with our parents, and we have a strong sibling rivalry which produces frequent arguments. I’m sure that many business families experience these issues, but I don’t know how to resolve them. If we could learn to listen and respect each other, perhaps we could figure out how to work together. My sister stubbornly denies that we have problems, but the tension is driving me crazy. How can we fix this?

A: “Family business” borders on being an oxymoron, so you are correct in assuming that others have similar difficulties. However, that doesn’t make your own problem any less painful.

The basic problem is that families lack the constraints and boundaries that exist in a normal workplace. Instead of moderating their behavior to conform to professional norms, relatives often fight and argue as they would at home. Decision-making becomes an agonizing process, especially if roles and responsibilities are poorly defined.

Because your company is successful, the family has obviously done many things right. However, the current level of dissension does not bode well for the future. Studies have found that only 30 percent of family businesses transition to the next generation, and uncontrolled conflict further reduces those odds.

To turn this around, everyone must first agree to grow up and start acting like mature adults. Ground rules should be established for communication, conflict resolution and collaborative decision-making. Some companies drop family titles (mom, dad, sis, etc.) and use only first names at work.

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