Online Home Services Start-Ups Create A New Generation Of Entrepreneurs

By Sapna Agarwal
Mint, New Delhi

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) This article takes a look at how micro-entrepreneurs in India are using their skills to become independent and provide employment to others.


For Priya Rakesh Sanath, there was little time left after 12-hour workdays. Or money.

For two-and-a-half years, the 26-year-old toiled at a beauty parlour in the Mumbai suburb of Goregaon, working six days a week to earn Rs5,000-6,000 a month. There were no Diwali holidays or time to celebrate the Ganapati festival with visits to pandals.

That was until six months ago.

Sanath has since quit her job and started working at Timesaverz Dotcom Pvt. Ltd, an online marketplace for home services.

The company provides various services ranging from cleaning tasks, beauty services, laundry management, pest control and appliance repairs to handy jobs such as that of a beautician, which is where Sanath comes in.

She now goes once a month to Inorbit Mall in the nearby suburb of Malad with her son, her brother and his four-year-old daughter, where they spend about Rs2,000 on the two children as they play in the games arcade and eat at McDonald’s.

This amount used to be a third of Sanath’s monthly income, but not anymore. She now earns 10 times as much, taking home Rs60,000 a month. She also employs two girls to whom she pays Rs1,000 each day to accompany her or meet additional demand.

Like Timesaverz, there are more than 800 online companies–most of which have come up in the past–two-three years, according to Tracxn Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a data analytics company that tracks start-ups — connecting professionals like Sanath to the end consumer using technology.

These companies have opened a new life chapter for people such as Sanath, boosting their earning capacity. They have also created a new market, in the process taking share away from the unorganized and traditional businesses. It has also allowed people to create additional employment, make them feel like they are their own bosses, and assert some level of independence.

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