Ooh La Lucy Transitions From Mobile Boutique To Brick-And-Mortar Store

By Jennifer Gardner
The Charleston Gazette-Mail, W.Va.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Entrepreneur Mikayla Dent opened her mobile boutique “Ooh La Lucy” in June while balancing a full course load at the University of Kentucky. After graduation she will greet customers at a new home base…a brick and mortar location in Charleston, West Virginia.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail, W.Va.

While most college seniors were preparing for graduation, Mikayla Dent was plotting her next “girl boss” move.

Dent, a Charleston native, is making her fashionista dreams come true at the age of 21.

Next week, she will graduate summa cum laude from the University of Kentucky. However, unlike her peers, she will not be enduring stressful job applications and interviews. She will go to work for herself.

In the last six months, Dent has built a brand out of her mobile boutique, Ooh La Lucy. She recently opened a brick-and-mortar store on Bridge Road, which has its grand opening Friday.

“I knew I wanted to work for myself and I wanted to open my own business,” Dent said. “I didn’t know what, when or where. As I got further through college, I knew that I wanted it to be in West Virginia. There’s definitely a market for it here.”

Dent opened the mobile boutique in June while balancing a full course load. Her big-box, UPS-style truck travels around town allowing her to meet customers at city festivities and private parties.

“I found the concept on Pinterest and I just thought it was something really unique,” Dent said. “I decided that it was now or never. No one else in Charleston was doing it.”

It was her chance to jump at the opportunity, before someone else did.

Though she didn’t take it very seriously at the time, Dent wrote her business plan in a retail entrepreneurship class. After some tweaking, she then submitted for a loan and began building the business from the ground up.

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