Pup-arazzo: Dog With Camera Chronicles Canines Happy Hours At Parks

By Rochelle Olson
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Is your dog ready for his or her close-up? If they’re heading to any Twin Cities parks anytime soon they better be! There is apparently a “pup-arazoo” on the loose. 4 year old Tula is a social media sensation. Armed or shall we say “pawed” with her GoPro camera, she fires off thousands of action shots of her fellow furry friends. The best ones can be seen on Tula’s social online feeds (her online handle is @caninehappyhour)


The fur, sand and dirt flew as Tula bounced, sniffed and ran around the bank of the Mississippi River. An hour later she’d snapped thousands of photographs of her playmates.

Among the hundreds of dogs roaming Twin Cities parks every day, 4-year-old Tula is the only known pup-arazzo. A GoPro camera attached to her chest fires off a photo each half-second, fast enough to freeze the flurry of fun.

There’s the snout-in-her-face shot, the eyeball, the moment of repose, the playful pack in a tangle and the glamour shot where a drenched dog emerges from the water to shake off the drops, forming a resplendent halo of droplets and fur frozen in motion.

“I’ve always loved taking pictures of Tula,” said Susie Kixmoeller, a junior at the Blake School and the dog’s best friend. “She plays with so many dogs, but when I got close, they’d stop paying attention to each other and come over to me.”

So in January, she put the camera on Tula. The paw-level shots were both unique and fun. Inspired by social media dogs, such as @the dogist, she decided to share Tula’s work online.

Months later, Tula, whose online handle is @caninehappyhour (because off-leash dog parks are where pups can unwind without concern about passing cars, bikes or kids), has a healthy Instagram following of more than 6,000, and 1,500 friends and counting on Facebook.

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