Radio Marketers Adapt To Changing Times

By Nicole Norfleet
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Marketing executive Tracy Call says that new digital analytical tools which help place and monitor radio spots have made radio a very efficient form of advertising.


Tracy Call isn’t a trend chaser. While most marketers are concerned with what the next popular social media site or augmented reality game will be, Call thinks she has already found the best way to connect with consumers, and it has been around for the past century.

Good old-fashioned radio.

With a couple new digital analytical tools that have recently been developed to help place and monitor radio spots, Call says it has become even more efficient to ride the airwaves.

Call, founder and chief executive of Minneapolis-based firm Media Bridge Advertising, has grown many businesses with advertisements that have played only on the radio, which often people listen to as they drive.

“Everyone is talking about digital as being sort of the be-all and end-all of marketing,” Call said. “Radio continues to be that clean space where you know you are tuning in for music, you are tuning in for personality and if served up right, you are tuning in for commercials that are educating you on offers that are going on, new businesses that are coming up, and sales that are happening. I know people are still listening.”

Indeed, radio is not dead. According to Nielsen, the media ratings agency, more than 90 percent of Americans listen to AM-FM radio each week. That means a greater percentage of people listen to the radio than watch television or use a computer or smartphone. The major issue with radio hasn’t been its reach but how to measure its effectiveness, Call said.

“I think the biggest challenge of almost all traditional marketing is proving that it works. … ‘Does radio really work?'” Call said. “That’s one of the No. 1 questions I get from clients.”

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