Real Estate Muscle Shifts To 3 Sisters

By Kevin D. Thompson
The Palm Beach Post, Fla.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Meet the three sisters who have teamed up to run a successful real estate development company in South Florida.


The ages. It’s the first thing you notice about the Peters sisters. You can’t help it.

Ariana, 24. Dresden, 22. Dakota, 19.

The women are young, attractive and smart. Kardashian-like.

Only one — Ariana — speaks with the media.

“As three young women running a successful real estate development company, the challenges are usually the misconception that comes with our age,” said Ariana, a managing partner at Peters Development, a company that owns more than 40 properties in Lake Worth. “Often people don’t take us seriously until they meet us and realize we have not only the knowledge, but also the experience and backing to execute.”

The sisters opened a Lake Worth office on Lake Avenue about three years ago and have quickly built what is believed to be the largest commercial property company in the city.

The sisters have bought more than 20 properties in the city since their father, Doug, the man who started Peters Development 18 years ago retired — sort of — to let his daughters run the company.

“People underestimate my daughters all the time,” said Doug, 54. “What do these girls know? They come from a fortunate family and don’t know anything, but that’s the furthest from the truth.”

Nonetheless, the sisters are facing a new challenge — backlash from the rising rents in downtown Lake Worth.

City Commissioner Andy Amoroso, who owns Studio 205, the gift and novelty shop off Lake Avenue, is moving after the Peters increased his rent about 60 percent.

Amoroso’s rent is going up from $2,400 a month to $3,850 at his 2,980 square-foot place. The total rent will be $4,200 when sales taxes are added.

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