Retired Restaurateur Ann Badasch Still Supports City At Country Meadows & Tourism

By Jill Moon
The Telegraph, Alton, Ill.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Entrepreneur Ann Badasch shares her journey as a small business owner in a charming Illinois city.


If she’s at My Just Desserts, she’s helping seat faithful customers, greeting new visitors and cleaning off tables though she sold the restaurant a while ago.

Ann Badasch can’t help herself if she’s at the regionally-and-beyond-well-known eatery, famous for its pies.

Pie maker Yvonne Campbell now owns My Just Desserts, but it’s as if nothing’s changed, except now Badasch will be “working” down the street at the opposite end of Broadway, with her first love of selling antiques.

Badasch, along with her husband, the late Mark Badasch, came to Alton originally to sell antiques in 1982, at a time when antique shops lined six to eight blocks of Broadway.

“You had to be on a waiting list. I had an antique shop in the basement of this building,” Badasch recalled when she met The Telegraph at My Just Desserts, 31 E. Broadway, there for lunch for the first time since she officially sold the business July 2.

Now she has a space at Country Meadows Antiques, 401 E. Broadway, owned by longtime friends Pam and Gary Voyles.

The trio go back a long way in the trade that started Badasch’s love affair with Alton.

“It was us, Steve Taylor, Bill Sloan; that’s all who’s left,” she noted.

The Badasches rented the basement of the My Just Desserts building from its original owners, Sam and Harriet Hunter, where the Hunters established House of the Hunter Antiques in the now-restaurant space.

“I wanted to be on this street, just with the energy and the shops,” Badasch said. “I’ve seen a lot of highs and lows on Broadway. In the eighties, there were a lot of antique festivals and antique fairs. Now, that I sold My Just Desserts, I’m back into antiques.”

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