Review: Regina Hall Calls The Shots In The Terrific Sports-Bar Comedy ‘Support The Girls’

By Justin Chang
Los Angeles Times

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Columnist Justin Chang says that “At times, “Support the Girls” suggests a tamer, femme-forward version of “Magic Mike,” not just because of the communal vibes and partially bared bodies, but also because of [the director’s] sharp, jaundiced critique of late capitalism and his clear-eyed sympathy with those struggling near the bottom.”

Los Angeles Times

The marvelous Regina Hall enters “Support the Girls” in a flurry of tears and exits in a blaze of glory.

That hard-won triumph isn’t hers alone; she shares it with Haley Lu Richardson and Shayna McHayle, both divine as the two best friends and employees a put-upon restaurant manager could have.

But the soul of this wise and wonderfully loose-limbed comedy is Hall’s no-bull star turn as Lisa, who’s spent too long running the show at Double Whammies, a crummy Texas sports bar whose mostly male patrons come for the “boobs, brews and big screens.” Buffalo wings too.

Gifted writer-director Andrew Bujalski surveys this depressing sub-Hooters dive with mild derision, but he also shows enormous respect and affection for the people who keep it running.

Training some new servers, Lisa proudly emphasizes that Double Whammies is a family-friendly establishment (“It’s like working at Chili’s or Applebee’s, except the tips are way better”), with a zero-tolerance policy on disrespect and sexual assault.

Her cheerful deputy, Maci (Richardson, outshining the sun), supplies some more practical advice on how to keep customers happy: Smile wide, lightly touch their arms or shoulders, and let those tight little uniforms and bared midriffs do the rest.

Still, it’s not easy keeping this leaky ship afloat in a downbeat economy and, if recent Hooters-related headlines are to be believed, a millennial culture that sadly no longer values the female breast.

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