With Shoes Dsire, That Dream Pair May Be A Click Away

By Nancy Dahlberg
The Miami Herald

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Shoes Dsire is a business for women by women! The best way to describe it is “Shazam for shoes” Ok, so you don’t know what Shazam is…..Simply put, “Shoes Dsire” is an app where users can snap a picture of shoes they like and learn where they can buy the same shoe or similar shoes for less money. So when you’re watching the Oscars and you see a shoe you love…snap away…Shoes Dsire may be able to find a similar shoe for less!

The Miami Herald

Jane Bernacca is a self-professed shoe fanatic, and her husband knows she is in good company.

“I started research on it and I saw that shoes is the No. 1 desire among women — 92 percent of women love shoes,” said Walter Bernacca.

Walter, a serial entrepreneur in music and entertainment, started to consider entrepreneurial concepts around this target market and couldn’t help but notice how expensive celebrity-favored styles often are, including a pair in New York for $3,500.

“I love music and use Shazam. What if we could recognize shoes like music? What if we could find similar styles for less money?”

Shoes Dsire, co-founded by the Bernaccas of Aventura, is a dynamic social commerce tool that combines cutting-edge visual search technology with crowdsourcing to provide a faster and more personalized experience for shoe shoppers. The startup won third place in the 2016 Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge Community Track, which attracted 122 qualified entries.

The Brazilian-born Bernaccas have been involved in a number of startups and businesses together over the years. Walter co-founded Saloote, a social music company, and created Ana Gourmet, a food app for Ana Maria Brega, the Brazilian Oprah, among many other endeavors. But now, “100 percent of our focus is Shoes Dsire — it’s our passion,” he said.

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