Sims Sisters Soar, With Meridian As Launching Pad

By Michael Neary
The Meridian Star, Miss.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) From the deeply supportive family and community they found in Meridian, the two Sims sisters carved out starkly different — if equally successful — paths. Here are their stories.

The Meridian Star, Miss.

As Georgia Sims considered the Meridian home on 41st Avenue where her children grew up, she described the dwelling as a neighborhood magnet.

“This was the hangout house,” she said.

The house is also where she and her husband, James Sims Jr., raised two daughters who followed career paths that were different in just about all ways — except for the fact that both paths curled into places outside of Meridian where the sisters have succeeded spectacularly.

“I’ve told them that there’s a big old world out there, and it needs to be explored,” Georgia Sims said. “They have done a fantastic job of exploring it.”

Jamese Sims, along with her son Jordan, recently visited the home where she grew up. Other relatives, including her sister Eris Sims, were present — and they took time to share memories of their childhoods, along with reflections about the courses of their adult lives.

Climate’s allure, and a mind for business
Jamese Sims, 37, has thought about the enigma of weather — and about ways to solve other sorts of problems — for a long time. When she was 4 years old, and after her family moved from Indiana to Meridian, she began to wonder about the weather. How, she remembers thinking, could the climate be so different in one place from the way it was in another?

“That was always in the back of my mind,” Jamese Sims said. “How is it that in Indiana it’s freezing cold, snowing, and we’re walking around in shorts? In addition to that, my grandmother used to predict what was going to happen, based on her arthritis … and a lot of times it was true.”

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