Social media, Job Tenure, Mental Health And College Can Affect Your Career

By Diane Stafford
The Kansas City Star

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Three-fourths of recruiters say they search applicants backgrounds online for true candidacy status by looking at social media accounts for evidence of drug use, lawsuits, felonies and “unprofessional behavior.”

The Kansas City Star

It’s summer. Attention spans are short. Vacations beckon. Here are some quickly digestible workplace bites.

Yes, it matters what you put on Instagram, Facebook or anywhere else discoverable online. It matters if you’re job hunting or there’s a possibility you’ll be vetted for any position.

Four out of five job recruiters recently surveyed by the workplace consultancy of Challenger, Gray & Christmas said they do social media and other internet searches to learn about candidates.

Three-fourths of recruiters said they search before they advance applicants to true candidacy status, using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google searches for evidence of drug use, lawsuits, felonies and “unprofessional behavior.”

On the flip side, some employers said they were concerned if a candidate had no online presence. No tech savviness? False identity? Or clueless about a lot?

-The average workplace tenure for workers under age 55 is 2.8 years. The length of time on a job has been in fairly steady decline, for employer and employee reasons.

A reminder: You have a better chance of raising your pay by changing jobs rather than getting raises in your current job. Job loyalty is a whole other issue.

-There’s lots of advice about how to handle jerks at work or other disagreeable encounters. Outside of advising, “Be nice” or “Don’t engage,” there’s a wrenching issue here.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness notes that mental illness is the leading cause of disability in the workplace. Depression is the biggest factor, but that’s not the only reason why a co-worker may behave in off-putting or otherwise disagreeable ways.

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