These Social Media Platforms Are Made For Cannabis Enthusiasts And Entrepreneurs

By Brooke Edwards Staggs
The Orange County Register

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Sites like MassRoots and Social High are giving cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs a place to easily — and often anonymously — connect with like-minded people.

The Orange County Register

For the weed-loving community, photos of flowers, profiles of dispensaries and lists of upcoming cannabis events aren’t tough to track down on mainstream social media platforms.

But Facebook and other giants in the space have been known to abruptly shut down pages promoting cannabis. The Bay Area-based edibles giant Kiva Confections, for example, has repeatedly had their Instagram account banned, with no explanation as to how they might get back in the photo-sharing app’s good graces.

Then there’s the fact that even the most passionate consumers might not connect with their favorite cannabis company on LinkedIn or proudly Tweet out that rolling tray picture for fear their coworker or grandma will judge them.

That’s where this batch of social media platforms catering exclusively to cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs comes into play.

Sites like MassRoots and Social High are giving stoners a place to easily — and often anonymously — connect with like-minded people.

There are sleek apps and clunky, insider forums. There are sites for patients with serious medical conditions and there are sites that are clearly just for fun. There are platforms geared toward professionals or travelers, photography lovers or those looking for love.

As with social media ventures (remember Friendster?) and technology companies at large, there are cannabis platforms such as WeedPals and WeAreBaked that have already become defunct since the trend first started taking off roughly three years ago.

And there aren’t weed-friendly alternatives to every mainstream platform. There’s no clear YouTube for stoners, for example — perhaps because that’s YouTube itself, since the site has always been quite friendly to cannabis consumers.

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