Spanx: A Girdle By Another Name That Does The Same

By Anthony L Hall
Caribbean News Now, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

I am reliably informed that many young women not only wear Spanx these days, but actually scoff at the notion that there’s no difference between their Spanx and the girdles their grandmothers wore during the 1950s.

I am stupefied, however, that these hipsters do not seem to think (or care) about the natural letdown that must attend their Spanx-free bodies revealing their naked truth.

Frankly, I don’t understand why any self-respecting woman feels the need to wear hair extensions, face-altering makeup, and/or body-scrunching Spanx to feel good about the way she looks.

And don’t get me started on the pandemic of fake boobs; or on the arguably self-hating practice of black woman bleaching their skin to look white … to make their blonde wigs look natural, I suppose.

But I’ve seen enough of those before and after pictures to suspect that the way many women look just with and without makeup is like night and day.

Hell, I imagine the only thing worse would be finding out that her hair extensions, makeup, and Spanx were so convincing no man would ever have guessed that she was a he (a la The Crying Game).

Meanwhile, I’ve been like John the Baptist preaching the gospel of natural beauty for years. Here, for example, is what I lamented in my most recent sermon:

Who would’ve thought the liberation inherent in the sexual revolution and feminist movement would devolve into a self-abnegating farce, where women themselves consider it a ‘brave decision’ to go out in public without makeup…

The instructive irony, of course, is that etiquette about makeup these days is such that not just Carmen but far too many women would rather expose their naked bodies instead of their naked faces in public.

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