She Has Stage 4 Cancer. But She’s Ready For The Adventure Of A Lifetime

By Tammy Smith
The Sun Herald

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Terrie Shelby says she started to looked at other people’s cancer stories online after she was diagnosed last January. She says wanted something … different. The solution for Terries and her family has come in the form of a used travel trailer that will become the family’s home for the forseeable future. The family plans to travel the county and seek out stateside naturopaths and family physicians friendly to alternative medicine.


Terrie Shelby of Vancleave might not look sick to the casual observer. To hear that she has Stage 4 breast cancer, someone might ask why she still has hair, for example.

Shelby, 36, isn’t using chemotherapy. That doesn’t mean she’s not sick. In addition to the breast cancer, she’s currently battling diverticulitis, which causes pain in her hip area.

Instead, she’s following a more natural protocol of treatment.

“I got the diagnosis in mid-January, and I knew I wanted to do this naturally,” she said. “It’s not that I’m super granola crunchy. I mean, we do go through the drive through sometimes. But I guess you could say we’re more conscientious about it.”

She also says a higher power is directing her choices.

“God just told me to do this. From the beginning, this has felt effortless,” she said. “There is literally nothing I can do about the path I’m on. I had come to Stage 4 cancer quickly.

“The first thing after I got the diagnosis is, I got the stuff for smoothies and started juicing,” she said. However, it began controlling her life. “I couldn’t keep up. I was so stressed, I developed a fear of food. I began to think if it tastes good, it must be bad.”

The company her husband, Scott, was working for in the oil industry when she was diagnosed offered international insurance.

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