Success Is Hard-Won In Vietnam’s Start-Up World

By Thu Ngan
Vietnam News, Hanoi / Asia News Network

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Kinh Van Quan Dao is the founder of “Phleek.” With “Phleek”, users are connected to an in-house stylist who sends clothes and accessories to them on a returnable basis every week.

Vietnam News, Hanoi / Asia News Network

When I first went to Phleek, a start-up company, I was immediately struck by a blackboard on which a business plan with five targets was written.

It said: “Ten outfits per day, average sales increase 18 per cent a month, average price of each order VND490,000 [US$22], 10,000 Facebook likes and 3,000 Instagram followers, and 1,000 orders per month.”

The targets were set by founder and CEO Kinh Van Quan Dao and her team.

Most people who follow the start-up scene in Vietnam know about Dao and the challenges she and her team overcame to survive and then thrive.

She exemplifies the can-do spirit of young Vietnamese entrepreneurs who dare to follow their dreams.

Dao was born in HCM City in 1996. While in her last year at university and working as an intern at an advertising agency, she got the idea of setting up an online fashion shopping channel to change Vietnamese customers’ consumption habits.

“I found that the fashion industry was strongly developed with a lot of products and companies offering many options. However, there was little time to shop. Furthermore, I found that many of my friends and people around me had demand for this kind of service since sometimes they bought clothes and then did not know how to mix them.”

She wanted to set up company that helped clients create their own style.

After a lot of research, Phleek was established in 2016, becoming the first app in Viet Nam to connect users with stylists.

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