Superwoman? Nah, Kid-Carting Photographer Says Viral Photo Was ‘Just A Normal Day’

By Leslie Barker
The Dallas Morning News

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) An awesome photograph of a Dallas area mom multitasking during a football game first appeared online in a Dallas Morning News tweet Friday night. It soon went viral.

The Dallas Morning News

If your Friday night football attire is a baby on your chest, a preschooler on your back, a camera in one hand and a bottle in the other, you might consider yourself a bit of a Superwoman — especially if you also teach full-time, cook just about every night and own a photography business.

But for Melissa Wardlow of Grand Prairie, this is just her life.

“I throw the kids on and away we go,” says Wardlow, whose husband Josh is a football coach at Lake Ridge High School in Mansfield. “I started taking pictures before I had kids, and I was on the sideline when I was pregnant. It didn’t matter; I was on the sideline.”

Last Friday was just a typical night when photographer John F. Rhodes shot this photo of the multitasking mother during the game he was shooting for The Dallas Morning News. It first appeared online in a Dallas Morning News tweet Friday night and went viral in a Facebook post.

But because Wardlow isn’t on Facebook or Twitter, she didn’t know that (at last count) the photo has been shared more than 3,000 times, generated 7.8 thousand “likes” and garnered 476 comments (not counting replies to many of them).

What she did know is that “my phone has been blowing up since Saturday.” Her friends called her and texted her, “saying I was famous and basically [the photo] had gone viral,” says Wardlow, 32.

She says all this quite calmly, much as she looks in this photo. Not stressed. Not harried. Not frantic. Indeed, it’s that calmness, that levelheadedness, that unflappable confidence that seems to awe and strike a chord with many of those who commented on Facebook.

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