Surrogacy Together Makes Surrogate Pregnancies More Affordable

By Abbey Doyle
Evansville Courier & Press, Ind.


A surrogate, Tara Pearce, wasn’t all Sara McCarter needed to carry her twins to delivery. Without Surrogacy Together, a surrogacy advocacy group that works to promote ethical and positive surrogacy experiences, the cost could have been prohibitive.

The group has several goals:

To give surrogates and intended parents a platform to share their positive stories of surrogacy through publications.

To give the children born through surrogacy the truth of the positive way they were born rather than “sensationalized stories of surrogacy gone wrong.”

To celebrate the women who step up and offer the gift of parenthood to another and to help couples or individuals become parents through surrogacy who wouldn’t be able to otherwise by collaborating with other professionals to provide services pro-bono or at a big discount.

The group works with Expect Miracles, a surrogacy agency, as well as other professionals who help with the process.

Christy Anderson, co-founder of Expect Miracles and Surrogacy Together, said her organization coordinates with the in vitro fertilization clinic, as well as with lawyers and psychologists who are also providing all professional services for no cost to a couple.

Anderson and her husband have gone through multiple surrogacy journeys. The first resulted in the loss of twins due to a pregnancy complication.

“We were $40,000 out of pocket and didn’t even have a baby on the way,” she said. “The financial toll on hopeful parents can be devastating on top of the devastation of infertility or trying to build a family through surrogacy.

“We knew we were also the lucky people that had that $40,000 to loose chasing this dream baby.

“We eventually were able to have our daughter, Austin.

“In having the agency, we consult weekly with individuals who truly will not have the funds to ever complete a surrogacy.
Infertility like ours and Sara and Zach McCarter’s crosses all socioeconomic boundaries. It is not an affliction of the wealthy.”

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  1. ashley carner
    Feb 08, 2015 - 12:02 AM

    I already have a friend willing too carry the baby i am just needing too know how much it cost too start the process..


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