The Woman Who Is Creating A Path For Women In Tech

By Stan Linhorst
Syracuse Media Group, N.Y.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Great Q&A with Elisa Miller-Out, currently COO of Women 2.0 and co-founder of PollQ, a chatbot startup. Miller-Out says her focus is on how to engage more women across all aspects of technology leadership and investing leadership.

Syracuse Media Group, N.Y.

In 2006, Elisa Miller-Out co-founded, a custom web-software development firm in Ithaca that serves businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies. She was CEO and saw the company’s growth explode.

Last year, she sold the content-management division of Singlebrook to a Minneapolis company.

With a smaller Singlebrook taking less time, she turned her attention to new ventures.

She joined Women 2.0 in a leadership role as Kate Brodock moved it from Silicon Valley to Central New York.

Miller-Out co-founded PollQ, which uses Facebook Messenger to conduct polls, keep an audience or customers engaged, and create a new kind of social media channel. Finally, she co-founded Chloe Capital, a venture capital fund focused on early stage technology ventures.

Question: Tell me about growing up and early influences.

Answer: I grew up in the smoky barrooms of New Orleans, with a piano-player father (Amasa Miller). I literally grew up sleeping underneath pianos in bars. It was a cool, crazy way to grow up.

He’s the piano player with some well-known bands. One you might have heard of is the Charmaine Neville Band. He’s played a lot with the Neville family.

My mom (Mirella Augusto) is also in New Orleans. She’s from Rome, Italy, originally. She works at Tulane University and manages public health projects in Africa. She gets to work on pretty cool stuff. She’s an incredible photographer.

Then I also have a step-mother down there who is a clay sculptor, so I have a lot of artists in the family.

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