Teresa’s Way: Dallas Serves As The Backdrop For Action-Packed New USA Series ‘Queen Of The South’

By David Martindale
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) While we may be used to seeing men running the drug cartels portrayed on TV and in the movies, this new USA series features a Woman who is just as lethal as the men. In “Queen of the South” we meet Teresa Mendoza, the head of the largest drug cartel in the U.S. and Latin America.


J.R. Ewing’s reputation as the biggest, baddest business hombre ever to hit the city of Dallas is secure. But it’s worth noting that there’s a formidable new power player in town.

Her name is Teresa Mendoza. She’s the dona of the largest drug cartel in Latin America and the United States, and she has made Big D her base of operations. They call her “Queen of the South.”

Hers was a perilous rags-to-riches saga: Naive Mexican girl falls for a drug runner, becomes the target of hit men (but cheats death … and a rape attempt), thrives as a drug mule, then climbs through the cartel ranks, ultimately calling the shots as the most powerful woman in a tough man’s world.

“Queen of the South”, a brutal, bloody, bad-to-the-bone drama series that is also filmed in North Texas, tells the story of how she became that criminal “queenpin.”

The series airs at 9 p.m. CST Thursdays on USA.

It stars Alice Braga in a chameleon role that most actresses would kill to get a crack at. Over the course of the 13-episode season, Teresa will go from unworldly and vulnerable to cultured and dangerous.

The petite Brazilian actress gets to do a little bit of everything in this, from wheeling and dealing in posh nightclubs to running and gunning in gritty urban wastelands.

Through it all, however, Teresa never loses her humanity. She didn’t choose to live in this criminal world, after all. It’s an existence that was thrust upon her.

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