There IS Room At The “Inn”

By Cathie Anderson
The Sacramento Bee.

Increasingly, hospitality-minded entrepreneurs are moving into the Sacramento region to develop luxury retreats and inns that show off the area’s natural assets. We look at three recent examples, from Pilot Hill to Winters.

Interior designer and real estate investor Briana Alhadeff plied her trade for years in Los Angeles, but when she was ready to build a dream home, she had real estate agents scour the Golden State for the right location.

Her goal was to build an environmentally sustainable home, along with an attached vacation rental that would provide her a steady income.

One agent lured Alhadeff to the summit of the tallest slope in Pilot Hill. Poison oak and tall weeds obstructed the petite Alhadeff’s field of vision in most spots, but occasional glimpses through the brambles took her breath away.

“There was a little peek of a view here and a peek there,” Alhadeff said, “but then once we built, it was like, ‘Wow!'”

She bought the property using a tidy nest egg amassed from buying and selling Southern California investment land that had what she calls “forever views.”

Her 7,500-square-foot home, named Casa Bella Verde, is attached via a skybridge to the 1,500-square-foot vacation home.

Guests from as far away as Australia and Egypt pay $350 a night or more to enjoy Alhadeff’s views of the Sierra Nevada and Folsom Lake.

They have unlimited access to her patio and pool, which arcs roughly 120 degrees around the home. The pool’s vanishing edge gives the illusion that guests could float out into the hills beyond.

Now in her second year of business, Alhadeff continues to add patio features such as a fireplace, swim-up bar and outdoor kitchen.

The vacation home features a spa tub, the trademarked Westin Heavenly Bed, a private kitchen, gym and more. Alhadeff said she designed the space to suit the demanding movie-industry clients she once served. Learn more at

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