There’s A Whole World Beyond Your Phone

By Jeff Mullin
Enid News & Eagle, Okla.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) I had no idea this even existed but it is “National Cellphone Courtesy Month.” As the author of this article points out, it may be a good time for all of us to reflect on how we use our phones. Better yet, perhaps the long holiday weekend would be a good time to courteously put our cellphones in a drawer and walk away. Easier said that done!

Enid News & Eagle, Okla.

The other day a woman in our office was in a near-panic.

She was beside herself, anxious, worried, scared.

This is a married mother of two little boys, so seeing her in such a state, her colleagues naturally feared for her family.

Thankfully both boys, her pets, her mom and, oh yeah, her husband, were just fine.

Her family was not the source of her extreme anxiety, her house hadn’t been broken into, her credit card hadn’t been compromised, her bank account hadn’t been hacked, she hadn’t lost her job or become the subject of an IRS audit.

No, the source of her apprehension and unease was neither human nor animal.

This woman was in a dither because she had misplaced her smartphone.

It wasn’t in her purse, it wasn’t on her desk, it wasn’t anywhere she looked, including her car.

She has one of those phone-finding apps, so she tracked it on her laptop. It told her the phone was somewhere in the newspaper building. So she kept on looking.

Finally she tried looking in her car one more time, and, mercifully, found the phone. It had fallen off the seat and was standing on end, making it harder to spot from above.

With her anxiety quelled and tragedy having narrowly been averted, my colleague somewhat sheepishly acknowledged how dependent on our smartphones she and so many of us in today’s world have become.

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