Think Healthy Food Is Bland? Think Again

By Deepthi Nair
Khaleej Times, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Although entrepreneur Mitun De Sarkar sensed that the UAE market was ripe for nutrition solutions way back in 2004, she admits a majority of residents have come a long way since then when it comes to fitness awareness.


A startup is usually created to address customers’ pain points. Mitun De Sarkar, a practicing dietitian, took an entrepreneurial leap of faith after a consultation with one of her Emirati clients.

“After my first consultation with him, I realized that though he had a sincere desire to lead a fitter lifestyle, his knowledge on nutrition and accessibility to procuring healthier meals was limited. It was he who suggested that I make his life simpler and package and deliver his daily dietary requirements to his house. This seemed like a brilliant idea because as a dietitian, this was always a challenge where your clients tell you they don’t have the time to shop for groceries or cook or measure the meals you advised,” recalls Mitun, an Indian who has been in Dubai since 2004.

This meeting transformed Mitun’s life and she decided to start a business of delivering calorie-controlled, well-balanced, freshly prepared healthy food to clients’ homes. Simply Healthy Diets, a diet meal delivery service, was thus born in 2005.

While there is a general perception that healthy food is bland and boring, Simply Healthy Diets is out to dispel that myth.

“Everyone needs to eat and take care of their health. Most people also want to lose weight, look good and be fit. What can be a better way to achieve this than have your entire day’s cooked meals, that is healthy and fresh, customized for your body and specific to your health delivered at your doorstep daily to make eating healthy a stress-free experience. After all, 80 percent of good health comes from good nutrition,” states the entrepreneur.

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