Three Things For Small-Business Owners To Pay Attention To In 2015

In terms of digital technology, owners should establish sites that are not only mobile friendly, but interact with visitors, allowing them to find updates and to request information, products or reservations online, Sisk said.

Avoid security breaches
While the Internet offers affordable and ample opportunities to engage customers, it also creates risks, such as malware or hackers tapping into company data or emails.

Dave DeWalt, chief executive officer of international cybersecurity firm FireEye, said in an interview on news magazine television show “60 Minutes” earlier this year that 97 percent of all companies would get breached.

“They’re going to get in. But don’t let them access the information that’s really important. Don’t let them get back out with that information,” he said on the show. “Detect it sooner. Respond sooner. And ultimately that exposure is very small.”

To protect themselves from hackers and malware, owners should establish strong passwords and change them every 60 to 90 days, Sisk said.

Beyond the passwords, small-business owners should have a professional security firm review their systems.

“Preventative care,” Sisk said, likening the review to a standard health check up.

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