Time Management Is Vital Tool For Start-Up Success

By Roy Goldenberg
Globes, Tel Aviv, Israel.

A good idea, a success story of self-marketing, a large financing round, and even a winning team are all among the keys for a start-up’s success, but above all, the most important asset for entrepreneurs is time.

Effective time management is the start-up’s tool for success.

Therein lies the duty of the entrepreneur to plan the time devoted to his tasks to manage the start-up and the company he has founded, alongside his personal life. The “Globes”-Bank Hapoalim (TASE: POLI) Smartup2 program brought together experts to talk about the subject.

Paradoxically, to properly manage time requires time devoted to the task.

The ways for proper management can come from creating a more productive environment, from prioritizing tasks, and removing distractions.

Three years ago, “Globes” interviewed then-Ginger Software Ltd. CEO Yael Karov, who diagramed her daily time management ability, which made many waves.

She talked about how she showered with her children, travelled only by taxi so she could work and to avoid wasting time driving, avoided small-talk, and, from a young age, she had a personal assistant to handle shopping and chores.

The interview raised many eyebrows from people who wondered whether such efficient time management by an entrepreneur harmed her family, friends, and a normal life, at least as most people live it.

The debate over the interview and careerists, especially self-employed careerists, let alone in the case of a start-up that is constantly under the magnifying glasses of investors, the media, and customers, began and ended with time management.

While showering with your children might be a bit extreme, entrepreneurs definitely can, and should, learn how to better manage their time.

“There are always more tasks than time. If you don’t know all your tasks at any given moment you cannot know which task to prioritize,” says serial entrepreneur and Aleph venture capital fund partner Eden Shochat. Long ago, he took to heart the book by David Allen, “Getting Things Done”, turning it, like many others, into a way of life.

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