Tips To Re-Enter The Workforce For Stay-At-Home Moms And Others

By Diane Stafford
The Kansas City Star

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Perhaps you’ve spent 10 or more years focused on your family. But circumstances — divorce, disability or children leaving the nest has you back on the job market. What can you do to succeed? Diane Stafford has a few suggestions including reaching out to friends, family, neighbors and fellow members of any club or religious organization to network. This is no time to be shy! Most of all, DON’T sell yourself short!

The Kansas City Star

Just got another call from a job hunter who has been out of work for a long while, a really long while.

No, this isn’t a person who is counted in the long-term unemployed statistics. This is a woman who chose to be a stay-at-home mom and now wants to return to the workplace.

She’s like many who spent five, 10, maybe 20 or more years focused on their families. But circumstances — divorce, disability or death of a spouse, or being at loose ends in an empty nest — push them toward a paycheck.

The most recent caller had been an accountant before her long career break but fears that her profession, and especially the technology involved, has changed so much that her former experience isn’t relevant. And she was afraid of her ability to study for and take certification tests.

Other job market re-enterers tell me they simply don’t know who would want them. They don’t know what they have to offer.

They might be surprised.

Employers consistently tell me they’re searching for mature, stable workers who aren’t interested in moving on to the next thing in a year or two. The difficulty, of course, is making a match between the hirer who wants such help and the person who is looking.

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