‘Your Vote! Our Future!’: Why You Should Vote, From The Voices Of Seventh-Grade Girls

By Nicole Brodeur
The Seattle Times

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Even though they are several years away from the voting booth, seventh grade girls from a Seattle area school took to the streets to encourage others to exercise their right to vote this election day.


I’m trying to get a sense of the mind of a 13-year-old girl, I told a clutch of parents standing in Westlake Park the other morning.

“We are, too,” Jessica Dunn deadpanned. “When you find out, let us know.”

Turns out we found out together, when the seventh-grade class of Seattle Girls’ School (and these parents’ daughters) marched into Westlake Park to stand on a stage and deliver speeches urging people to vote.

Their minds were on veterans services. Climate change.

“Your vote! Our future!” the girls chanted, carrying handmade signs. They had walked the 2.5 miles from the Central District school to downtown in the rain.

And man, was I glad to see them.

The night before, the third and final presidential debate left phrases like “nasty woman,” “late-term abortion” and “I’ll leave you in suspense” hanging in the air like noxious fumes from a passing bus.

But these 12- and 13-year-old girls reminded me and everyone else at Westlake that no matter how raw and wretched things get over the next few weeks, the ending is in our hands.

Student Drew Sherrard took the stage wearing a camouflage cap and spoke of the five veterans in her family.

“Fifty-one Veterans’ Affairs facilities have scheduling problems,” she said. “When veterans have a health problem, sometimes they have to wait days or weeks for a doctor to help them through the VA system. Voting can help fix that.

“Vote!” she finished. “It’s one of the best thank-you gifts you can give someone who has served.”

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