In West Seattle, More Than 500 People Saved A Historical Bungalow And Its Coffee Shop

By Erik Lacitis
The Seattle Times

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Folks in West Seattle joined forces to help keep their beloved coffee shop in business.


Something quite astounding has happened in West Seattle these last two months.

More than 500 people were so emotionally attached to a coffeehouse that they came up with at least $77,240 to save it from being torn down.

For 15 years it has been doing business as the C & P Coffee Company in a turn-of-the-century bungalow on California Avenue Southwest.

The historic building and the friendly place were a perfect match in yet another neighborhood undergoing development upheaval.

Liz Nason, 71, who’s retired from managing catering at the University of Washington, and her husband, James Nason, 74, a retired Metro bus driver, gave $500.

The Nasons are not exactly rolling in money.

That $500 could have gone to savings to paint their home that’s a 10-minute walk from C & P.

“In the world of economics in which 2 plus 2 equals 4,” says Liz Nason, “that’s too much money. But in a world where a place like this is priceless, it wasn’t enough.”

With the donated GoFundMe money and an unspecified agreement with the current owner, Cam and Pete Moores, the couple who started C & P, will be able to buy the bungalow that had been marked for sale at $1.25 million.

Cam Moores says she can’t talk about any specifics about what’s happened until the deal is closed. In addition to the GoFundMe money, the Moores on the cafe’s website thanked those who “by other means directly contributed.”
So there will be no apartment building scheduled to be crammed into the 7,500-square-foot lot, which is zoned for three stories.

The Nasons and all others who donated did so knowing they were giving with no strings attached. The Moores could turn around and sell the bungalow, but that’s not likely.

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