Whisper Urges Young Girls To Break Silence On Periods In New Digital Campaign

By Saumya Tewari
Mint, New Delhi

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) A new advertising campaign in India aims to break the silence around the taboos of menstruation.


Whisper, the P&G-owned brand which showed a sanitary pad on prime time advertising two decades ago, is asking young girls to break the silence on periods in a new digital campaign.

Not just hygiene, periods in India are often associated with innumerable societal and religious taboos which place several restrictions on women. In some parts of the country women are not allowed to touch food items like pickle, visit a temple or even wash hair.

Whisper which leads the sanitary pad market in India with 50.4% share as of 2016, through its advertising, looks at attacking such taboos. The new campaign further aids the ongoing conversation around periods with India’s first film on menstruation, Padman, releasing on Friday.

Made by advertising agency Leo Burnett, the minute-long video features young girls experiencing their first period which not only makes them vulnerable but makes them lose confidence. At such a stage, all they need is an open and healthy dialogue on periods from loved ones to put their anxiety at rest.

“We have always believed that sanitary napkins should not be a product or category shrouded in silence and taboos.

Our latest campaign brings to life the role that every whisper of encouragement plays and has played in breaking the silence around periods. We salute millions of teachers, fathers, mothers, elder sisters or best friends who’ve broken silences with words of encouragement. We hope this will enable more girls to break the silence around their periods and bring out the strength, talent and character,” said a spokesperson from P&G.

The digital-only campaign is currently being promoted across social media platforms, including streaming site YouTube, social media website Facebook and micro-blogging platform Twitter.

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