Women Learn FAST Self-Defense Techniques

By Janessa Maxilom
Alamogordo Daily News, N.M.

Right before a conflict a person’s adrenaline will kick in causing them to freeze, fight or run.

At a Fear Adrenaline Stress Training Self Defense class instructors teach women not to freeze up but to run or fight to protect themselves.

Members from the 49th Security Forces Squadron and the Alamogordo Police Department teamed up Wednesday to teach local ladies the basics of self-defense at the Sgt. Willie Estrada Memorial Civic Center.

“FAST teaches women the ABC’s of self-defense,” FAST Instructor Staff Sgt. Alaina Howard of the SFS said. “A stands for awareness. Women need to be aware of their surrounding.”

During the class Howard explained that being aware of ones environment helps a woman avoid dangerous situations.

She taught the participants that B stands for boundaries. She advised women that they set their own boundaries based on what they are comfortable with.

“You control your own personal space,” she told students.

Howard told women that they don’t have to put up with any unwanted contact with people they don’t feel like consorting with, even if it is at a social event.

She proceeded to teach women polite and discreet ways to back out of hugging people that they might otherwise feel obligated to hug in social situations.

The next course of action Howard taught women was how to handle a hostile encounter.

She said C stands for confrontation that a woman should know the basics incase they must defend themselves from any unwanted advances.

There was plenty of hands-on training for women who participated in the class as they interacted and roll played with airmen from the SFS.

The airmen pretended to be predatory-type men with unsavory intentions while women learned how to handle stressful situations with confidence.

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