World’s Largest Dorm-Style ‘Co-Living’ Apartment Building Coming To San Jose

By Marisa Kendall
Mercury News

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) “Dorm-style” apartment living is growing in popularity as people find new ways to ways to stay afloat in the housing market.


The latest trendy new apartment building coming to downtown San Jose will offer plenty of luxury amenities, including cleaning services, laundry and dog walking. The catch? Each resident will share a kitchen and living room with at least a dozen other strangers.

The nearly 800-unit building, set to break ground early next year, is the latest project to embrace “co-living” — a dorm-like set-up where residents sleep in small private bedrooms and share common spaces, as a way to pack more people into a building and keep rents down.

It’s a lifestyle that’s becoming increasingly popular as Bay Area residents, grappling with sky-high housing costs, are forced to find ever-more creative ways to stay afloat, and developers are encouraged to come up with innovative methods to house more people faster.

The San Jose project will be the largest co-living building in the world, according to its developer, San Francisco-based communal housing startup Starcity.

The company also has a 270-unit co-living building in the works in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood.

The two projects, both slated to open in 2021, will be the startup’s first attempts at building from the ground up instead of renovating existing buildings. Together they mark a major expansion by Starcity, and would increase the company’s existing inventory by more than 10-fold.

“I think about actually making a dent in the supply to the point where people who are somewhere else in the country, or living nearby, or commuting hours and hours and hours can say, ‘OK now there’s a way for me to get into the city,'” said Starcity co-founder and CEO Jon Dishotsky. “Commuting is a pain in the butt, fitting four people to a two-bedroom is a pain in the butt and paying 70 percent of your income is not enjoyable.”

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